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Ninety Four Cushion - Medium

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Taking our name to heart, Niente Di Nuovo meaning ‘Nothing New’ in Italian, our patchwork cushions are stitched from a combination of vintage football shirts (soccer jerseys) and a handpicked selection of alternate fabrics. Each cushion is finished with a contrast color zip, and the reverse features a solid panel of vintage fabrics including silk, satins and velvets.

In order to combine our sustainable values, with our desire to provide a superior product, every care has been made to repurpose the original item or fabrics that would otherwise have been consigned to waste. 

Each individual cushion is unique, and Made in Los Angeles*

* imperfections due to the nature of raw material can be present, yet in our opinion only add to the beauty of the object, lending a layer of history to what would otherwise be just a cushion.

< the cushion you see, will be the one received >


Small - 14” x 14”

Medium - 18” x 18”