• Our Philosophy

    One of One Vintage Furniture and Home Furnishing Lovingly restored, whilst maintaining a sense of a life well lived, think of Niente di Nuovo as an old family friend, with exquisite, yet eclectic taste.Niente di Nuovo was born through an obsession with iconic design, vintage fashion, and travel from around the world, Damian’s career as a fashion stylist led into a discovery of vintage and specialized clothing around the world.

    Adding to this cultural mix, is a passion for sport and the uniforms, with an emphasis on the worldwide phenomenon of “football” or soccer as I’ve now come to know it, and the endless combinations of color, fabric and textural opportunities of reusing the jerseys in unique design language.



Taking our name to heart, Niente Di Nuovo meaning ‘Nothing New’ in... 

Reimagined in Los Angeles

Become part of our World inspired by The Beautiful Game.
Niente Di Nuovo meaning ‘Nothing New’ in Italian.

Cushions stitched from a combination of vintage football shirts (soccer jerseys) and a handpicked selection of alternate fabrics. Hand picked vintage furniture lovingly restored and Reimagined in color combinations designed to ignite passion not blend in.
Textiles, Furniture, Art & Football

The Genesis

In order to combine our sustainable values, with our desire to provide a superior product, every care has been made to repurpose the original item or fabrics that would otherwise have been consigned to waste. 

  • One Love

    “Football is Freedom, a whole universe.”
    Bob Marley

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